Welcome to the future of towels. Ecoknit towels are designed to not only save your budget, but also save the planet.

What is EcoKnit®?

EcoKnit® towels are made by UK-based supplier to the hotel industry, Hartdean. From its
inception in 1980, we have been constantly developing and perfecting the technology behind
EcoKnit® towels, and today we’re proud to offer the most technically advanced, energy-
efficient towels you can buy.

Your Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Product Range

Bath Towels

Available in the following sizes

Bath Robes

Bath Robes available in sizes

Bath Mat

Bath Mats available in sizes


Size (in): 28x53                                                        Size (cm): 71x135                                                Weight: 500g 


Size (in): 30x60                                                        Size (cm): 76x152                                                  Weight: 700g


White Faux Bamboo (Small)

Size (cm): 112 (length)                                        Weight: 400gsm

White Faux Bamboo (Medium)

Size (cm): 116 (length)                                        Weight: 400gsm

White Faux Bamboo (Large)

Size (cm): 120 (length)                                        Weight: 400gsm


Size (in): 20x30                                                            Size (cm): 51x76                                                    Weight: 300g

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